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U.S. District Judge John Chun for Western Washington in Seattle granted T-Mobile’s motion to compel its Sprint 5G shutdown dispute with plaintiff Jose Luis Garcia Moreno to arbitration, said his order Wednesday (docket 2:22-cv-00843). In contracts that delegate arbitrability of a claim to an arbitrator, like those that Garcia Moreno entered into with T-Mobile, “the court’s role is narrow,” said the order.Read More >>

U.S. District Judge John Tharp for Northern Illinois in Chicago appeared during a telephone status hearing Thursday to have resolved a longstanding impasse between DOJ and defendant Hytera Communications over the government’s request for Hytera to disclose the identities of its expert witnesses before they can get access to sensitive discovery materials. Tharp said at the end of the hearing he thinks Hytera had the better argument.Read More >>

Urban Audio Books, Blackstone Audio, Audible and Amazon have been “giving away” author Teri Woods’ works for free to premium subscribers of their audiobook streaming and digital download services in a way that cannibalized her other audiobook revenue streams, alleged a Tuesday breach of contract complaint (docket 1:23-cv-507) in U.S. District Court for Eastern New York in Brooklyn.Read More >>


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